Assistant Professor Semere Amlesom


Since September 2018, Semere Amlesom is Advisor to the Minister of Agriculture of the State of Eritrea in the areas of Irrigation, Soil & Water Conservation, Agricultural Research and Capacity Building.

Semere Amelsom

Semere did his BSc (Agricultural Engineering) at Alemaya College of Agriculture, Haile Selassie First University, Ethiopia in 1972 and his MSc in Irrigation Engineering at the Institute of Irrigation Studies, Southampton University, UK in 1993.

Following his graduation from Alemaya he worked as an Agricultural Extension Supervisor and Provincial Soil & Water Conservation Coordinator in Wollo Province, Ethiopia for three years. After Eritrea’s independence he pursued his MSc studies and worked as Director General for the Departments of Commercial Agriculture, Land Resources & Environmental Protection and Research & Human Resources Development in the Ministry of Agriculture for a total of eleven years.

Semere has served as the founding Dean of Hamelmalo Agricultural College ever since its establishment in 2005 up to the time he left for his new position as Advisor to the Minister of Agriculture in  2018. On top of his administrative and academic duties his interest was and still is to teach, conduct research in agricultural development in general and to disseminate agricultural technologies that can push forward the agricultural development of Eritrea.