The Project funds research that primarily focuses on disease and disease control; agricultural systems, livelihoods and economics; and health in a changing world. To achieve this, we fund Sandpit Fellows who were successfully awarded funding through one of our Sandpit events; through our own Postdoctoral Research Associates; and in response to the global pandemic, we have solicited our partner institutes to undertake Covid-19 research in their respective countries.

Please click on the research title(s) in the below table(s) for further information on projects based in Ethiopia.

Ethiopia Sandpit Research

Sandpit ThemeResearch Title
Zero HungerEco-epidemiology of vector and vector-borne diseases in the Horn of Africa: Its implication for vector borne disease control
Health and WellbeingAssessment of the effects of meteorological factors, land-use and human activities on the prevalence of animal and human fascioliasis in Ethiopia.
Health and WellbeingChildhood diarrhoea in Butajira Health and Demographic Surveillance System: Risks, bacterial agents and antimicrobial resistance profile in human-animal-water interface
Health and WellbeingOHWASH (One health water sanitation and hygiene): Integrated surveillance of human and animal faeces management and its determinants in HDSS sites of 3 regions of Ethiopia.
Health and WellbeingThe Perceived Effects of Epilepsy: Impact on people with epilepsy and their families, stigma and gaps in management.
Covid-19Assessing the Impact of Non-pharmaceutical Interventions (NPIs) on the dynamics of Covid-19 in the Horn of Africa: A mathematical modelling study in the case of Ethiopia, Kenya and Djibouti
Covid-19COVID-19 and its indirect impact on essential and routine healthcare services in Ethiopia
Covid-19The effect of COVID-19 and response measures on Health, Economic and Social wellbeing of communities in HDSS sites,  Ethiopia

Ethiopia Postdoctoral Research

ResearcherResearch Title
Shumeye BelayGenetic diversity of ancient and contemporary Ethiopian indigenous goats
Dr Lisa CavalerieLivestock and maternal health in Butajira, Ethiopia
Dr Lisa CavalerieZoonoses research in the Horn of Africa: a scoping review
Dr Aga EdemaSystematic review of rabies research in Ethiopia
Dr Tadesse KebedePopulation diversity of Toxoplasma gondii in human, animal and environment in Ethiopia: One Health Investigation
Dr Ophélie LebrasseurBiocodicology of Ethiopian Manuscripts: Husbandry Practices, Manufacturing Processes and Conservation Measures
Dr Ophélie LebrasseurTracking genetic diversity and zoonoses in ancient Ethiopian cattle populations and their implication for bio-cultural evolution and health
Professor Mulugeta TamireImpacts on Animal and Human Health from Food Insecurity due to Climate Change in Ethiopia
Professor Samuel TeferaThe Nexus between Human, Environment and Livestock Interfaces: Investigating the Experiences of Resettled Pastoralists in Ethiopia
Professor Samuel Tefera & Dr Sam LumborgExamining local perspectives on the influence of climate change on the health of Hamer pastoralists and their livestock, Ethiopia