Grace Watene

Grace Watene is a veterinarian and a post-graduate student undertaking MSc in Veterinary Public Health at the University Of Nairobi and MSc in Veterinary Epidemiology at the University Of London; Royal veterinary College (UK) via online distance learning.

She is a Graduate Fellow at ILRI involved in Coxiella burnetii-sero-prevalence work and in the Horn project as a pioneer grant holder in an Antimicrobial Resistance multidisciplinary research project to be conducted in Oloitoktok, Kajiado Kenya. She is also the Kenya Coordinator at Veterinarians International Organization. Watene has also volunteered on a number of projects: She was part of the USAID one Health programme in Kajiado; where they assessed the one Health needs of the Masai community  (2017).  She has been part of the veterinary team that leads the Laikipia Rabies Vaccination campaign at Mpala research Centre since 2016.

She is an individual who embraces challenges and is highly motivated to succeed, Grace is a disciplined public health enthusiast, a potential avid epidemiologist with a One Health focus, ambitious and with outstanding leadership abilities. Dr. Watene aspires to take on a leadership role in confronting the socio-economic elements that determine the health and wellbeing of both animal and human populations.