Hadereu Goitom

Hadereu Goitom is a veterinarian works for National Animal and plant Health Laboratory Asmara, Eritrea.
Hadereu was born in Asmara, Eritrea on 19 December 1991. He graduated from limeat academy high school in August 2008, and from Hamelmalo Agricultural college at Eritrea with Bachelors of science in veterinary medicine in July 2014.
After receiving his education Hadereu, joined National Animal and Plant Health Laboratory(NAPHL) in Asmara as a supporting stuff in virology laboratory. He later worked as a junior laboratory technician in quality control laboratory. After receiving training of animal vaccine production and quality control in January 2017 Hadereu, was assigned to the newly established animal vaccine production as a unit head of avian vaccine quality control.

Hadereu Goitom has been in his current position as a project leader of quality management system since February 2020. Apart from this, he initiated the idea of strengthening and re-establishing zonal animal and plant health laboratories of the country and serves as a leader of the project.
An active animal health worker, Hadereu Goitom is member of the technical team for animal and zoonotic diseases in his ministry. He received several awards including distinguished graduate in his bachelor’s degree, best worker of the year of 2019 and Horn One health research award.