Professor Jude Robinson


Jude Robinson is a social anthropologist researching in the field of critical public health and is a Professor of Health and Wellbeing and the Deputy Head of the College of Social Sciences at the University of Glasgow.

Image of Prof Jude Robinson

As a member of the School of Social and Political Sciences and the Institute of Health and Wellbeing, her research centres on developing understandings of how people can develop and sustain their health and wellbeing outside conventional health care settings, with expertise in gender and the health of women and their children living on low income. Her expertise centres on (feminist) research methodologies, visual methods and material culture, (gendered) inequalities, issues around social justice, alternative moralities and ‘othering’, one health approaches to research and the health of women, children and their families.

Her research in the UK and countries in East Africa includes collaborative projects exploring: water, sanitation and health (WaSH) issues with men and women in Kenya; smoking and second-hand smoke with parents of young children in the UK; quality of life and wellbeing  and wider issues of mental health in the UK, Rwanda and Uganda; and the links between engagement with the arts and improved health and wellbeing. Current multidisciplinary, collaborative projects include: BBSRC GCRF funded partnership HORN (One Health Network for the Horn of Africa) and ESRC/ AHRC GCRF funded project COSTAR (Community- based Sociotherapy Adapted for Refugees) for Congolese refugees with partners in Uganda and Rwanda.