Farah Isse Mumin

From 2010-2016, Farah studied DVM degree in Jimma University, Ethiopia, then started a one-year internship training in Somali regional state of Ethiopia before commencing his first regular post as a teaching assistant on October 2016 in Red Sea University, Somalia. He taught epidemiology and zoonotic diseases till secured African Union’s PAU scholarship position to pursue MSc degree in vaccine production in the University of Ibadan, Nigeria on October 2017. Through his thesis, he studied if some natural gum polymers can have an immunomodulatory effect to see their possible use as delivery agents for veterinary vaccines (link). He worked as a laboratory technician (intern) in Pan African Veterinary Vaccine Center (PANVAC), Ethiopia then resumed his teaching as a lecturer at the faculty of veterinary medicine at Red Sea University.

Farah is One Health research fellow of HORN project where he is co-investigating an anthrax surveillance project in the Horn of Africa (Kenya, Ethiopia, Somalia and Eritrea). He is also leading a COVID19 study to understand knowledge, economic impact, mental health implications and practicality of hand washing practices in Somalia’s internally displaced communities living in informal settlements.

He was elected as chairperson of Puntland Livestock Professionals Association (PULPA) by the general assembly of the association in 19th July 2020. PULPA is a non-profit organization that delivers animal health services in Puntland State of Somalia. He is also coordinating NUFFIC funded Tailor Made Training Plus (TMT+) project entitled ‘Capacity Building to Improve Food Security and Livelihoods in Somalia’, within two years the project aims to train 36 junior staff of the state level ministries and universities in the areas of poultry and animal feed production.

Farah is passionate in improving livelihood and wellbeing of vulnerable communities including pastoralists by operationalizing One Health approach in the community level.