Dr Michael Kahsay


Michael Kahsay studied Animal Sciences and Technology at Addis Ababa University, Awassa College of Agriculture. His dominating passion for animal health and welfare urged him to obtain an education in veterinary medicine and in 1991 he was awarded a scholarship to study veterinary medicine in Kiev, Ukraine. Michael graduated with a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine in 1997.

Image of Dr Michael Kahsay In 1998, he joined Asmara University, Eritrea, as a lecturer. After six years he was awarded a scholarship to specialise in Animal Pathology at MSc level in Utrecht University. During this MSc study he did his research in ‘post weaning multi-systemic wasting syndrome in pigs’ and as a result published three papers.

Michael joined the department of veterinary science at Hamelmalo Agricultural College in 2006 as Head of Department and Asst. Professor, and in 2012 Michael was awarded a PhD scholarship through the Netherlands Fellowship Programme at Utrecht University. His research project focused mainly on the ‘prevalence and risk factors of Mycobacterium bovis in animals and humans in Eritrea’. From the outcomes of this research project, two articles have been published in scientific journals (Transboundary Emerging Diseases, and BMC Veterinary Research), two have been submitted (PLOS Neg Trop Dis, and BMC-Veterinary Research), and two are ready to be submitted.

Michael’s research interest is mainly on the areas of veterinary public health (zoonoses), with emphasis on ‘bovine tuberculosis, nontuberculous mycobacteria, brucellosis, and hydatidosis, at animal-human-environment interface.