Jaabir Abdullahi Hussein

Jaabir Hussein is a graduate fellow under sustainable livestock system programme at International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) and works as a senior environment and climate change specialist, and Head of Reference Center at IGAD Sheikh Technical Veterinary School (ISTVS). Currently pursuing his PhD at Institute of Climate Change and Adaptations from University of Nairobi,  he holds MSc in Environment Studies and BSc in Agriculture from University Putra Malaysia (UPM), and Amoud University respectively.

Through his role as the Head of Reference Center, Mr. Jaabir has settled a number collaborative research projects within this year exploring: COVID-19 and pastoralist communities, mapping of territorial markets – pilot investigation in Somaliland, rainfall prediction using indigenous knowledge system and indicators, and links between recurrent droughts and it’s impacts on the livelihood of IDP community among others.

Besides, he has also shared his skills and knowledge with both undergraduate and post graduate students in ISTVS and Amoud University. Furthermore, Jaabir has a great passion on environmental conservation and protection and involves the global fight against the drastic impact of climate change and variability in the region.