Tier 1: One Health Concepts







Tier 1: One Health Concepts are a series of talks by leading international experts describing the basis of One Health, and a number of country-specific case studies and health issues. To access the Tier 1 Learning Materials, click on the title of your choice below.

Tier 1: One Health Essentials

Concepts in One HealthOne Health Perspectives on Zoonotic Diseases
History of Human-Animal InteractionsFood Safety and Security
Sociology of Human-Animal InteractionsPublic Health: Human and Animal Perspectives
Introducing Gender & One HealthVaccinology: a One Health Perspective
Climate & One HealthTransdisciplinary Research
Concepts and Theory of the Economics of One HealthInstitutional Research Capacity Strengthening
Ecology of Infectious Disease

Tier 1: One Health Case Studies

One Health in KenyaNon-Typhoidal Salmonella
One Health in EthiopiaRift Valley Fever
One Health in SomalilandRabies
One Health in EritreaBrucellosis
Antimicrobial ResistanceRotavirus
Land Degradation