Seid Tiku Mereta

Dr. Seid Tiku Mereta is an Associate professor in Environmental Health and Ecology at Jimma University, Ethiopia. He received his MSc in Environmental Health and PhD in Applied Biological sciences from Ghent University, Belgium. He has been working as researcher and instructor in the department of Environmental health sciences and technology as of 2003. His research interests include habitat suitability modelling of vectors of medical and veterinary importance, climate change, food safety, Indoor and ambient air pollution, water quality, wastewater remediation and biodiversity conservation.

Dr. Seid has been involved in multidisciplinary researches on food safety and risk assessment, socio-ecological resilience assessment and management of river basin and human and animal fascioliasis. He has published more than 80 scientific papers in international peer review journals. He also supervised more than 15 PhD and 50 MSc Theses.

Dr. Seid has extensive experience in managing environmental health laboratories at Jimma University. He has ample experiences in laboratory analysis of environmental samples (water, food, soil and air). Dr. Seid has been also working as a consultant in Environmental health and biodiversity conservation. He provided consultancy services in one health workforce assessment, waste management and biodiversity conservation, and environmental and public health impacts of development projects.