Investigating prevalence and risk factors of Bovine Tuberculosis in cattle and agro-pastoral community in Awdal region, Somaliland

Somaliland is a de facto state in the Horn of Africa. The economy of Somaliland is mainly dependent on the export of livestock to Arab Gulf states, so the health of cattle is of great importance. The Ministry of livestock is responsible for the health of Somaliland animal health and veterinary medicine specialists are responsible for animals.

This project aims to raise awareness and inter-disciplinary collaboration of human health, animal health and public health/environmental health scientists to set up the first One Health project in Somaliland.

Amoud University and Sheikh Veterinary health institute are working together to study the prevalence of Bovine Tuberculosis (TB) among cattle and humans in Awdal region of Somaliland. The region has both agricultural and pastoralist communities spread in four major towns of Awdal region Borama, Zeila, Baki and Lughaya and in other rural settlements.

Figure1. Map of the study area in Awdal region of Somaliland

The researchers will collect samples from cattle and humans to measure the prevalence of Bovine TB in the region. The aim is to inform public health and veterinary experts on having one-health approach to infectious diseases among humans and the animals.

Overall Objectives

To determine the prevalence and risk factors associated with Bovine TB among cattle and herders in Awdal region, Somaliland

Specific Objectives

  • Assess the possible risk factors associated with Bovine TB among cattle and herders
  • Determine prevalence rate of Bovine TB among cattle and herders
Jibril Ibrahim Moussa Handuleh
Team Lead
Abdikadir Abdi
Team member
Amina Hussein
Team member