Research Update: Developing a community-led zoonotic disease prioritization framework in Oloitokitok Sub County, Kajiado County, Kenya.

We launched our study on 11th March 2021 at the Kajiado Sub-county veterinary office, holding a brief meeting with the Kajiado Sub-county Veterinary officer Dr. Sururu. We then proceeded to data collection by conducting key informant interviews, and so far we have interviewed the Kajiado Sub-county Veterinary officer, the Kajiado sub-county medical officer of health, the animal health officers in charge, and six village elders from the three wards (Kimana, Lengesin, and Kuku). We intend to finalise the key informant interviews by 22nd March 2021 and immediately start the in-depth interviews.

Figure 1: at the Sub-County veterinary office. From left: Caroline Mwihaki, Dr. Sururu, Hamilton Majiwa

The target is to interview TEN households in each ward, and after that conduct two focus group discussions per ward. The men and women focus group discussions will be held separately. This will be the last activity for data collection.

Figure 2: Caroline Mwihaki interviewing with a village elder from the Kuku ward. In the background is Mount Kilimanjaro.

We have also conducted transect walks, observation of the environment, livestock grazing areas and different animal drinking pans. This has allowed us to also interact with pastoralist while grazing.

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