Phase two update: Developing a community-led zoonotic disease prioritization framework in Oloitokitok Sub County, Kajiado County, Kenya.

We began phase two of the study on 17th May 2021. We planned to conduct in-depth interviews and focus group discussions during this phase as part of our data collection. We were able to access households with the help of the village elders, who are the community gatekeepers. We successfully conducted thirty (30) in-depth interviews in three (3) sites chosen for the study.

We were also able to conduct focus group discussions with men and women separately in the three study sites. We conducted two FGDs at each site, one with men and one with women. We applied participatory methods, and the pastoralist used simple ranking to rank diseases in order of priority. The training on Participatory epidemiology and qualitative interviewing offered during the 2019 Horn project master class came in handy as we applied the methods during data collection.

The exercise marked the end of our data collection, and we now embark on translation and transcription, followed by analysis and reporting.