Postdoctoral Research

The HORN Project funds research that primarily focuses on disease and disease control; agricultural systems, livelihood and economics; and health in a changing world.

To achieve this, we fund our own Postdoctoral Research Associates to undertake research into a number of areas in the HORN of Africa. Covering Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia/Somaliland, their research studies Zoonoses, epidemiology, climate change and indigenous healing, to name a few.

To find out more about each project, please click on the research title in the below table.

Ethiopia Postdoctoral Research

ResearcherResearch Title
Shumeye BelayGenetic diversity of ancient and contemporary Ethiopian indigenous goats
Dr Lisa CavalerieLivestock and maternal health in Butajira, Ethiopia
Dr Lisa CavalerieZoonoses research in the Horn of Africa: a scoping review
Dr Aga EdemaSystematic review of rabies research in Ethiopia
Dr Tadesse KebedePopulation diversity of Toxoplasma gondii in human, animal and environment in Ethiopia: One Health Investigation
Dr Ophélie LebrasseurBiocodicology of Ethiopian Manuscripts: Husbandry Practices, Manufacturing Processes and Conservation Measures
Dr Ophélie LebrasseurTracking genetic diversity and zoonoses in ancient Ethiopian cattle populations and their implication for bio-cultural evolution and health
Professor Mulugeta TamireImpacts on Animal and Human Health from Food Insecurity due to Climate Change in Ethiopia
Professor Samuel TeferaThe Nexus between Human, Environment and Livestock Interfaces: Investigating the Experiences of Resettled Pastoralists in Ethiopia
Professor Samuel Tefera & Dr Sam LumborgExamining local perspectives on the influence of climate change on the health of Hamer pastoralists and their livestock, Ethiopia

Kenya Postdoctoral Research

ResearcherResearch Title
Dr Annie CookDesigning interventions to control cysticercosis
Dr Olivia HowlandIndigenous Healing in Contemporary Kenya
Dr Olivia HowlandPhoto stories from the Contemporary Shamans and Healers of Kenya: A Bitter Pill
Dr Kennedy MochaboMapping out Zoonotic Risks in the Ruminants’ Value Chain and their Implication to Pastoral Livelihoods in Kajiado County, Kenya
Dr Mark NanyingiOne Health Surveillance and Molecular Epidemiology of Rift Valley fever in Kenya
Professor Jude RobinsonEveryday Clean: Understanding one health hygiene practices in Kenya

United Kingdom Research

ResearcherResearch Title
Dr Marie McIntyreCapacity for One Health research in the Horn of Africa