Capacity for One Health research in the Horn of Africa

This project aims to quantify baseline estimates for how much research is currently or has recently been undertaken using a One Health (OH) ethos, in departments in Higher Education (HE) and research institutes (RI) in the Horn of Africa region. An online questionnaire facility will be used to deliver the survey to Key Informants in HEs and RIs.

Key Informants will be identified by their prior contact with the HORN project, by searches undertaken using the World Wide Web, by examining author affiliations in published literature describing One Health research, and by examining the grey literature. Staff from institutions not undertaking research will be asked to answer basic questions on the research resources they have within their institutions. Survey questioning will focus on the organisation’s characteristics including the experience of staff, the research disciplines and topics examined in research, the capability available with which to disseminate research outputs, and institution access to One Health networks and laboratory facilities.

Once collated, data analyses will establish current One Health working in the region. This will allow identification of the strengths, weaknesses and gaps in regional One Health working, which can then be used to target capacity-building objectives.