ISTVS Capacity Development: ICT network

As part of its capacity building activity, the HORN Project funded the installation of a new Computer Networking server at IGAD Sheikh Technical Veterinary School (ISTVS). The purpose of the ICT network was to:

  • Facilitate the transmission, exchange or sharing of data and resources among the ISTVS community.
  • Facilitate the sharing of copies of information across multiple locations, ensuring essential information isn’t lost with the failure of any computers in the school network.
  • Facilitate better access to internet.

Following the installation and networking undertaken during November 2021, the following outputs have been achieved.

  1. The server is up and running. It has been configured with Windows Server roles and features that enhance security on computer access, as well as saving copies of staff data in the server. This will eliminate issues that arise from staff who exit without leaving data, or loss of data due to computer crash.
  2. The server has also centralised its filling system that enables easy update of documents and getting them accessed from one source. This eliminates duplication of data and enhances data consistency.
  3. An intranet that will host student related information and lecture materials through the server is to be created. However, for this to work successfully, the ISP provider will need to issue a public IP that will connect the ISTVS server to the outside, which will enable students continue learning while remotely. ISTVS is in discussions with the service provider on the issuing of the public IP. The service provider is cautious on this citing security (of data concerns).

It is also expected that once the issue of Public IP is sorted out, staff and students should be able to access stored documents remotely.

  1. An important question is whether the server is going to improve access to the internet. A running contract signed with the current internet service provider will continue, and ISTVS await them issuing a public IP address that will enable staff to access the services of the server while outside the school. ISTVS will invest more funds to complement the support provided by the HORN Project by implementing improved access to the internet via the fiber optic connection service provider.

Following a direct hit by lightning strike in mid -October 2020, most of the internet connection gadgets were destroyed due to a huge power surge; however, the internet connection at the school has since been restored.

Image 1: Server Frame
Image 2: Server
Image 3: Server Frame Completed